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Updating a projectΒΆ

The best way to update a project from its template is when all of these conditions are true:

  1. The template includes a valid .copier-answers.yml file.
  2. The template is versioned with git (with tags).
  3. The destination folder is versioned with git.

If that's your case, then just enter the destination folder, make sure git status shows it clean, and run:

copier update

This will read all available git tags, will compare them using PEP 440, and will check out the latest one before updating. To update to the latest commit, add --vcs-ref=HEAD. You can use any other git ref you want.

When updating, Copier will do its best to respect your project evolution by using the answers you provided when copied last time. However, sometimes it's impossible for Copier to know what to do with a diff code hunk. In those cases, you will find *.rej files that contain the unresolved diffs. You should review those manually before committing.

You probably don't want *.rej files in your git history, but if you add them to .gitignore, some important changes could pass unnoticed to you. That's why the recommended way to deal with them is to not add them to add a pre-commit (or equivalent) hook that forbids them, just like this:

# .pre-commit-config.yaml
    - repo: local
          - id: forbidden-files
            name: forbidden files
            entry: found copier update rejection files; review them and remove them
            language: fail
            files: "\\.rej$"