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Generating a project


Generate projects only from trusted templates as their tasks run with the same level of access as your user.

As seen in the quick usage section, you can generate a project from a template using the copier command-line tool:

copier path/to/project/template path/to/destination

Or within Python code:

copier.run_auto("path/to/project/template", "path/to/destination")

The "template" parameter can be a local path, an URL, or a shortcut URL:

  • GitHub: gh:namespace/project
  • GitLab: gl:namespace/project

Use the --data command-line argument or the data parameter of the copier.run_auto() function to pass whatever extra context you want to be available in the templates. The arguments can be any valid Python value, even a function.

Use the --vcs-ref command-line argument to checkout a particular Git ref before generating the project.

All the available options are described with the --help-all option.

Templates versions

By default, Copier will copy from the last release found in template Git tags, sorted as PEP 440, regardless of whether the template is from a URL or a local clone of a Git repository.

The exception to this is if you use a local clone of a template repository that has had any modifications made, in this case Copier will use this modified working copy of the template to aid development of new template features.

If you would like to override the version of template being installed, the --vcs-ref argument can be used to specify a branch, tag or other reference to use.

For example to use the latest master branch from a public repository:

copier --vcs-ref master ./path/to/destination

Or to work from the current checked out revision of a local template:

copier --vcs-ref HEAD path/to/project/template path/to/destination


If there are uncommited changes in the local template, they will be included in the HEAD ref

Regenerating a project

When you execute copier copy $template $project again over a preexisting $project, Copier will just "recopy" it, ignoring previous history.


This is not the recommended approach for updating a project, where you usually want Copier to respect the project evolution wherever it doesn't conflict with the template evolution.

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