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A library for rendering project templates.

  • Works with local paths and git URLs.
  • Your project can include any file and Copier can dynamically replace values in any kind of text file.
  • It generates a beautiful output and takes care of not overwrite existing files unless instructed to do so.

Sample output


  1. Install Python 3.6.1 or newer (3.8 or newer if you're on Windows).
  2. Install Git 2.24 or newer.
  3. To use as a CLI app: pipx install copier
  4. To use as a library: pip install copier

Quick usage

  • Use it in your Python code:
from copier import copy

# Create a project from a local path
copy("path/to/project/template", "path/to/destination")

# Or from a git URL.
copy("", "path/to/destination")

# You can also use "gh:" as a shortcut of ""
copy("gh:copier-org/copier.git", "path/to/destination")

# Or "gl:" as a shortcut of ""
copy("gl:copier-org/copier.git", "path/to/destination")
  • Or as a command-line tool:
copier path/to/project/template path/to/destination

Browse or tag public templates

You can browse public copier templates in GitHub using the copier-template topic. Use them as inspiration!

If you want your template to appear in that list, just add the topic to it! 🏷


Special thanks go to jpscaletti for originally creating Copier. This project would not be a thing without him.

Many thanks to pykong who took over maintainership on the project, promoted it, and laid out the bases of what the project is today.

Big thanks also go to Yajo for his relentless zest for improving Copier even further.

Thanks a lot, pawamoy for polishing very important rough edges and improving the documentation and UX a lot.